Can Bath Bombs Clog My Drain?

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Firstly, I’ve missed you.  It’s been too long since my fingertips danced atop the plastic of these qwerty keys.  You’ve missed the exquisite word ballet of plumbing knowledge, too, haven’t you?  I don’t blame you as I’m sure you’ve learned more here amidst the glow of the Go Green Plumbing Blog than you ever did in all your years of school.  You’re welcome.  So–are you ready to learn about bath bombs or is your brain going to explode from all that previous plumbing knowledge?

brain GIF

Don’t you love the realism in commercials today?  My brain does this twice a day.  Usually it comes right back, but the odd time it lands on top of the fridge and taunts me.

1. These Bath Bombs Are Making Me Thirsty!

True fact: every bath bomb in the world is graced by the presence of Salt Bae himself.  He seasons each bomb with just the right amount of dat salt, it’s true!  The problem is, some of dat salt doesn’t dissolve.  It heads down your drain and grabs onto hair and everything else it can be friends with.  Then they all have a meeting together to discuss how to best clog your drain.  The hair can be a bit mouthy during said meeting.  Then they send in the plan for approval.  Then they apply for funding.  Then they bring in a focus group.  Then they tweak their plan.  The soap scum usually brings a unique perspective to said plan.  Then they submit for final approval.  And then, only then, do they clog your drain.  And they clog it well.  Actual truth: bath bombs are partially comprised of salt, […]

Why Is My Hot Water Cold?

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Good morning! Oh, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!  In fact, I never see you.  (Is that weird?)  Who are you?  What’s your favourite colour?  What do you do on a typical March 31st if it lands on a Sunday?  Okay, now that we’ve built a strong relationship, I’m gonna learn ya, and you’re going to believe whatever I say.  Disclaimer: I am trustworthy, my mom told me once in Grade 3, so you can’t argue that 24 karat magic gold statement.  Plus, we accept the reality we are presented with.  It’s as simple as that.  Speaking of accepting things: do you just put with your cold shower water because you’ve just gotten used to it over the years?  Is your hot water actually cold water?  Are your showers relaxing for 5 minutes, then the last final seconds you feel your Jake Gyllenhaal in the Day After Tomorrow running for your life to escape the freezing death chill?

gifs website

If this is your shower experience, be prepared to have your world changed forever.

1. Check Your Water Heater

Perhaps your water heater size is more suited for a mouse.  Or a bunny.  Or an ant.  Or something else infinitesimally tiny.  If your shower runs out and your still as sudsy as a soap opera doused in classic shampoo, then mayhaps it is time to get a bigger water heater.  Some households just need it.  Take the plunge and get a larger water heater.  Your defrosted toes will thank you and you’ll no longer have to wait an hour after putting a load of laundry in.

Why Does My Shower Scorch Me?

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Do you ever fly out your shower because it turned your skin as red hot as a chewy red hot?  If this happens to you more than you would like to admit, jump on into this week’s blog post because we are about to change your life.  Well, our first tip might not help most of you, but you should get a chuckle out of it.  And, sometimes, all we need is a good heart chuckle.  So step right up because it’s laughin’ and learnin’ time here at Go Green Plumbing.

1. You Can’t Always Blame The Shower

You step into your shower, all ready for a soothing moment of blissful relaxation, then this happens:

Warning: some fireworks may be hot.

As the title suggests, you can’t always blame the shower.  You can, however, usually blame your roommates.  So make sure that you’re not just getting pranked every time your shower burns you.  That’s step one–continue on to find out other common causes of a scalding shower.

2. Did You Lose Your Cool?

Do a check around the house for cold water.  If every other faucet is shooting out hot, fiery water, then begins the hunt.  Unless you know where you shutoff valves are and thus ruined this fun little scavenger hunt I was about to send you on.  Either way, check to make sure a valve hasn’t been shut off accidentally (or perhaps prank-cidentally).  If that’s the case, then BAM! problem solved.  If not, it’s time to get […]